Fascicule 1  
    GRANDIS Marco The topology of critical processes, i (processes and models)
    BERTRAND Christine et DE GLAS Michel V Omega-Ensembles et ensembles empiriques revisites
    PENON Jacques L'enrichissement et ses differents points de vue,I
  Fascicule 2  
  Manuel ARAUJO, Computads and String diagrams for N-Sesquicategories
    M. ABBADINI, G. BEZHANISHVILI & L. CARAI, MacNeille Completions of Subordination algebras
  Cynthia LESTER, Covers in the canonical Grothendieck Topology
  Fascicule 1  
    COOK & WEISS, Limits of topological spaces as enriched categories, 3
    M. SHULMAN, The derivator of setoids, 29
    BENKHADRA & STUBBE, A logical analysis of fixpoints Theorems, 97
  Fascicule 2  
    A. M. CEGARRA, Double groupoids and Postnkov invariants,
    P. GAUCHER, Comparing the non-unital and unital settings for directed homotopy, 176
    IKONICOFF and LEMAY, Cartesian differential comonads and new models of Cartesian differential categories, 198
  Fascicule 3  
    T. KENNEY, Stone duality for topological convexity spaces, 243
    A. SHARMA, Picard groupoids and Gamma-categories, 287s
    SALDANA MONCADA and WEINGART, Functoriality of principal bundles and connections 325
  Fascicule 1  
    T. D. DÉCOPPET, Weak Fusion 2-categories, 3

J. J. XARES, A pretorsion theory for the category of all categories, 25

    F. BAR, Affine connections and second-order affine structures, 35
    FATELO & MARTINS-FERREIRA, Mobi spaces and geodesics for the N-sphere, 59

A. J. PARZYGNAT, A functorial characterization of Von Neumann entropy, 89

  Fascicule 2  
    W. BERTRAM & J. HAUT, A functorial approach to Differential Calculus, 131
    JACQUES PENON, Une classe d'exemples de ?-caté- gories faibles au sens de Batanin, 163
    L. MOSER, M. SARAZOLA & P. VERDUGO, A 2-category model structure for double categories, 184
  Fascicule 3  
    ANDERS KOCK, Heron's formula, and volume forms, 239
    T. CLINGMAN & L. MOSER , Bi-initial objects and bi-representations are not so different, 259
    FRANCIS BORCEUX, Jean Bénabou (1932-2022) : The man and the mathematician, 331
  Fascicule 4  
  G. LOPEZ-CAFAGGI, Torsion theories of simplicial groups with truncated Moore complex, 343
  R.F. KAUFMANN & A.M. MEDINA-MARDONES, A combinatorial E00-algebra structure on cubical cochains and the Cartan-Serre map, 387
  JENS HEMELAER, Some toposes over which essential implies locally connected, 425
  Fascicule 1  
    J. PENON, Pureté de la monade de Batanin, II
    I. DELL'AMBROGIO & J. HUGLO, On the comparison of spans and biset
    A. EHRESMANN & R. GUITART, Christian LAIR (1945-2020). Bibliographie
  Fascicule 2  
    G. CRUTTWELL, J.-S. PACAUD LEMAY & R. LUCYSHYN-WRIGHT, Integral and Differential structure on the free C*-ring modality
    Nesta VAN DER SCHAAF, Diffeological Morita Equivalence
    E. DUBUC & R. STREET, Corrections to : A construction of 2-filtered bicolimits of categories
  Fascicule 3  
  J. ORENDAIN, Globularly generated double categories. II: The canonical double projection
    W. RUMP, The ample closure of the category of locally compact abelian groups
    S. HASSOUN, A. SHAH & S-A. WEGNER, Examples and non-examples of integral categories and the admissible intersection property.
    P. KARAZERIS & K. TSAMIS, Regular and effective regular categories of locales
  Fascicule 4  
    D. BOURN, A Mal'tsev glance at the fibration (- )_0: Cat E -> E of internal categories

G. MARELLI, A sketch for derivators

    M. MENNI, A basis Theorem for 2-rigs and rig Geometry
    F. MYNARD, Order convergence and convergence in the Interval Topology in the presence of Compactoidness ,
  Fascicule 1  
    D. DEWOLF & D. PRONK, A double categorical view on representations of Etendues
    J. PENON, Pureté de la monade de Batanin, I
  Fascicule 2  
    R. STREET, Polynomials as Spans
    A. CAMPBELL & E. LANARI, On Truncated Quasi-categories
P. GAUCHER, Flows revisited: The Model Category Structure and its left Determinedness
  Fascicule 3  
    M. KARVONEN, Biproducts without pointedness
  Fascicule 4
    S. DUGOWSON, Interacting open dynamics 351
    V. ARAVANTINOS-SOTIROPOULOS, Projective covers of 2-star-permutable categories
    D. J. EMMENEGGER, The fullness axiom and exact completion of homotopy categories
    D. BLAZQUEZ-SANZ, C. A. MARIN ARANGO & J. F. RUIZ CASTRILLON, A simplified categorical approach to several Galois theories
VOLUME LX (2019)
  Fascicule 1  
    M. MENNI, Every sufficiently cohesive topos is infinitesimally generated
    T. COTTRELL, A study of Penon weak n-categories, Part 2: A multisimplicial nerve construction
  Fascicule 2  
    NAKAOKA & PALU, Extriangulated categories, Hovey twin cotorsion pairs and model structures.
    HESSE & VALENTINO, The Serre automorphism via homotopy actions and the cobordism hypothesis for oriented manifolds

Fascicule 3

    E. DUBUC & A. KOCK, Column Symmetric Polynomials
    M. GRANDIS & R. PARE, Persitent Double Limits
    J. PENON, Compatibilité entre deux conceptions d'Algèbre sur une Opérade
    W. THOLEN, Lax Distributive Laws for Topology, I
  Fascicule 4  
    P.-A. JACQMIN, Partial algebras and Embedding Theorems for (weakly) Mal'tsev Categories and Matrix conditions
    S. B. NIEFIELD & D.A. PRONK, Internal groupoids and Exponentiability
    R. RODELO & I. TCHOFFO NGUEFEU, Goursat Completions
    F. MARMOLEJO & M. MENNI, Level Epsilon
    TABLE of CONTENT of Volume LX 2019
  Fascicule 1  
    A.C. EHRESMANN, The 60 first years of the "Cahiers"
    COCKETT & CRUTTWELL, Differential bundles and fibrations for tangent categories
  Fascicule 2  
    ROBERTS & VOZZO, Smooth loop stacks of differentiable stacks and gerbes, 95
    D. BOURN, Suprema of equivalence relations and non-regular Goursat categories, 142
  Fascicule 3  
    T. COTTRELL, A study of Penon n-weak categories, Part I: Monad Interleaving, 197
    FIORENZA, SCHREIBER & VALENTINO, Central Extensions of Mapping Class Groups from Characteristic Classes 260
    NEW BOOKS, 299
  Fascicule 4  
    HOFMANN & STUBBE, Topology from enrichment: The curious case of partial metrics, 307
    C. VASILAKOPOULOU, On enriched fibrations, 354
    HAMMACK & KAINEN, Cooperative properties and connected sum, 388
    TAC, Contents of Volume 32 (2017), 405
Volume LVIII (2017)
  Fascicule 1  
    GRANDIS & PARE, Adjoints for multiple categories (on weak and lax multiple categories, III), 3
    M. BARR, On certain topological *-autonomous categories, 49
    R. GUITART, Autocategories: III. Representations, and expansions of previous examples, 67
  Fascicule 2  
    MAY, ZAKHAREVICH AND STEPHAN, The homotopy theory of equivariant posets, 82
    A. KOCK, Affine combinations in affine schemes, 115
    AOKI & KURIBAYASHI, On the category of stratifolds, 131
  Fascicule 3&4  
    GRANDIS, G. JANELIDZE & MARKI, Two- and one-dimensional combinatorial exactness structures in Kurosh-Amitsur radical theory, I, 165
    Sean TULL, Condition for an n-permutable category to be Mal'tsev, 189
    GRANDIS & PARE, A multiple category of multiple lax-categories, 195
    S. VICKERS, Arithmetic universes and classifying toposes, 213
Volume LVII (2016)
  Fascicule 1
  CHRISTENSEN & ENXIN WU, Tangent spaces and tangent bundles for diffeological spaces, 3
  HOSSEINI & QASEMI NEZHAD, Equalizers in Kleisli categories, 51
  Fascicule 2
  T. JANELIDZE-GRAY, Calculus of E-Relations in incomplete relatively regular categories, 83
  GRANDIS & PARE, An introduction to multiple categories (On weak and lax multiple categories, I) 103

  Fascicule 3
  GRANDIS & PARE, Limits in multiple categories (On weak and lax multiple categories, II), 163
  W. RUMP, The completion of a quantum B-algebra, 203
  N. GILL, On a conjecture of Degos, 229
  Fascicule 4
  BLUTE, LUCYSHYN-WRIGHT & O'NEILL Derivations in codifferential categories, 243
  J. BOURKE, Note on the construction of globular weak omega-groupoids from types, topological spaces..., 281
  W. THOLEN, A mathematical tribute to Reinhard Börger, 295

Volume LVI (2015)


Fascicule 1


A. KOCK, Duality for generic algebras 2
J. CH ICHE, Théories homotopiques des 2-catégories 16
A. E HRESMANN, Parcours d'un Topologue-Catégoricien : Jean-Marc Cordier (1946-2014) 76



Fascicule 2


D. ARA, Structures de catégorie de modèles à la Thomason sur la catégorie des 2 -catégories strictes 83
S. A. S OLOVYOV. Localification procedure for affine systems 109
E. MEHDI-N EZHAD, Abstract annihilation graphs 133
L. STRAMAC CIA, The coherent category of inverse systems 147


Fascicule 3


BARR, KENNISON &RAPHAEL, On reflective and coreflective hulls 162
SHEN & THOLEN, Limits and colimits of quantaloid-enriched categories and their distri bu tors 209
CARLETTI& GRANDIS, Genera lised pushouts, connected colimits and codiscrete groupoids 232


Fascicule 4


P. GAUCHER, The geometry of cubic al and regular transition systems
242 COCKETT & CRUTTWELL. The Jacob i id ent ity for tangent categories 301
RESUMES des articles parus dans le Volume LVI 317


VOLUME LV (2014)


Fascicule 1


DESCOTTE & DUBUC, A theory of 2-pro-objects 2
BEZHANISHVILI & HARDING , Stable compactifications of frames 37
R. GUITART, Autocategories: I. A common setting for knots and 2- catgories 66


Fascicule 2


MARTINS-FERREIRA& VAN DER LINDEN, Categories vs. groupoids via generalised Mal’tsev properties 83
M. MENNI, Sufficient cohesion over atomic toposes 113
R. GUITART , Autocategories: II. Autographic algebras 151


Fascicule 3 :


D. GARRAWAY, Q-valued sets and relational sheaves 161
ALLOUCH& SIM PSON, Classification des matrices associées aux catégories finies 205


Fascicule 4


EHRESMANN, GRAN & GUITART, New editorial Board of the "Cahiers" 242
LACK & STREET, On monads and warpings 244
BERTRAM &SOUVAY, A general construction of Weil functors 267
TAC : Theory and Applications of Categories 314
RESUMES des articles parus dans le Volu me LV 317




Fascicule 1


E. CHENG, A direct proof that the category of 3-computads is not cartesian closed 3
R. GUITART, Trijunctions and triadic Calois connections 13
J. E. BERGNER, Derived Hall algebras for stable homotopy theories 28
J.-Y. DEGOS, Linear groups and primitive polynomials over Fp 56
C. KACHOUR, Correction to the paper "Operadic definition of the non-strict cells" (2011) 75


Fascicule 2 : 1er fascicule dédié à René Guitart


M. GRANDIS, Adjoints for symmetric cubical categories (on weak cubical categories, III) 91
S. DUGOWSON, Espaces connectifs : représentations, feuilletages, ordres et difféologies 137


Fascicule 3 : 2ème fascicule dédié à René Guitart


BOURN, MARTINS-FERREIRA & VAN DER LINDEN, A characterisation of the "Smith is Huq" condition in the pointed Mal'tsev setting 163
EVERAERT, GOEDECKE & VAN DER LINDEN, The fundamental group functor as a Kan extension 184
J.-Y. DEGOS, Borroméanité du groupe pulsatif 211
ABBAD & VITALE, Faithful calculus of fractions 221


Fascicule 4 : 3ème fascicule dédié à René Guitart


D. BOURN, Normality, commutation and suprema in the regular Mal'tsev and protomodular settings 243
BARANOV & SOLOVIEV, Equality in Lambda Calculus. Weak universality in Category Theory and reversible computations 264
J.-P. LAFFINEUR, Esquissabilite projective des espaces difféologiques 292
A. EHRESMANN, Parcours d'un mathématicien aux multiples facettes 298
RESUMES des articles parus dans le Volume LIV 317




Fascicule 1


G. MALTSINIOTIS, Carrés exacts homotopiques et dérivateurs 3
E. MANES, Varieties generated by compact metric spaces 64


Fascicule 2


M.L. del HOYO, On the homotopy type of a (co)fibred category 82
M. GRANDIS, A lax symmetric cubical category associated to a directed space 115


Fascicule 3


K. WALDORF, Transgression to loop spaces and its inverse, I: Diffeological bundles and fusion maps 162
BLUTE, EHRHARD & TASSON, A convenient differential category 211
R. GUITART, Pierre DAMPHOUSSE, mathématicien (1947-2012) 233


Fascicule 4


FIORE, GAMBINO & J. KOCK, Double adjunctions and free monads 242
BRODOLONI & STRAMACCIA, Saturation for classes of morphisms 308
RESUMES des articles parus dans le Volume LIII




Fascicule 1


KASANGIAN, METERE & VITALE, The Ziqqurath of exact sequences of n-groupoids 2
M. GRANDIS, Singularities and regular paths (an elementary introduction to smooth homotopy) 45
HARTL & LOISEAU, A characterization of finite cocomplete homological and of semi-abelian categories 77

  Fascicule 2

CHENG & GURSKI, The periodic table of n-categories II: Degenerate tricategories 82
BARILE, BARONE And TULCZYJEW, The total exterior differential 126


Fascicule 3


G. SEAL, On the monadic nature of categories of ordered sets 163
BROWN & STREET, Covering morphisms of crossed complexes and of cubical omega-groupoids are closed under tensor product 188
KENNEY & PARE, Categories as monoids in Span, Rel and Sup 209


Fascicule 4


DUBUC & YUHJTMAN, A construction of 2-cofiltered bilimits of topoi 242
BLUTE, COCKETT, PORTER & SEELY, Kähler categories 253
C. KACHOUR, Operadic definition of non-strict cells 269
RESUMES des articles parus dans le Volume LII 317

VOLUME LI (2010)
  Fascicule 1: 3nd issue dedicated to F. Borceux

ADAMEK & SOUSA, On quasi-equations on loc ally presentable categories II:Alogic 3
MC CURDY & STREET,What separable Frobenius monoidal functors preserve? 29
I. STUBBE, "Hausdorff distance" via conical cocompletion 51
Theory and Applications of Categories: Information on the Journal TAC 77


Fascicule 2: 3nd issue dedicated to F. Borceux


E. VITALE, Bipullbacks and calculus of fractions 83
JANELIDZE, MARKI, THOLEN & URSINI, Ideal determined categories 115
M.M. CLEMENTINO & GUTIERRES, On regular and homological closure operators 127
EVERAERT & VAN DER LINDEN, A note on double central extensions in exact Mal'tsev categories 143

  Fascicule 3

J.R.A. GRAY, Representability of the strict extension functor for categories of generalized Lie algebras (dedicated to F.Borceux) 162
E. BURRONI & PENON, Representation of metric jets (dedicated to F.Borceux) 182
CHENG & MAKKAI, A Note on the Penon definition of n-category 205
A. KOCK, Abstract projective lines 224

  Fascicule 4

W. RUMP, Objective categories and schemes 243
EBRAHIMI, MAHMOUDI & RASOULI, Characterizing pomonoids S by complete S-posets 272
S. DUGOWSON, On connectivity spaces 282


VOLUME L (2009)
  Fascicule 1: 3nd issue dedicated to J. Adámek

KARAZERIS & VELEBIL, Representability relative to a doctrine 3
MILIUS & MOSS, Equational properties of recursive program scheme solutions 23
L. SOUSA, On boundedness and small-orthogonality classes 67

  Fascicule 2

E. CHENG & M. MAKKAI, A note on the Penon definition of n-category 83
M. GRANDIS, The role of symmetries in cubical sets and cubical categories 102
R. GUITART, Klein's group as a borromean object 144
M. BUNGE, J. FUNK, M. JIBLADZE & T. STREICHER, On the paper "Definable completeness" 156

Information on the electronic Journal TAC 155

  Fascicule 3: 1st issue dedicated to F. Borceux

M. GRAN & G. JANELIDZE, Covering morphisms and normal extensions in Galois structures associated with Galois theories 171
R. BÖRGER & R. KEMPER, Infinitary linear combinations in reduced cotorsion modules 189
J. ROSICKY, Are all cofibrantly generated model categories combinatorial? 233
D. BOURN & G. JANELIDZE, Centralizers in action accessible categories 211

  Fascicule 4: 2nd issue dedicated to F. Borceux

M. GRANDIS, Limits in symmetric cubical categories (On weak cubical categ ories, II) 242
J. ADAMEK & M. HEBERT, On quasi-equations in locally presentable categories 273
Z. JANELIDZE, Closedness properties of internal relations, VI: approximate operations 298